Tana Karo Plyra
Tana Karo Plyra
Tana Karo Plyra



Plyra, also known as "lollipop lyra" is a freestanding aerial hoop set on top of a pole mount. Ever popular for corporate and ambient events, this unique rig allows for aerials to be performed anywhere with enough ceiling clearance. There are three different heights available, email for more information.



The apparatus is stationary and freestanding. The Hoop can be set to spin, or static. Can be set at a height of 9ft, up to 15ft. 

The base of the rig needs 6'x6' of clear floor space. 


Tana Karo aka "Tank" - tankthemuppet@gmail.com - 773.920.0399 - Chicago, IL USA

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