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Using the wealth of knowledge she's learned from 15+ years in the circus world, Tana offers instruction amongst a variety of disciplines including all Aerial arts, Body Conditioning & Strength, and basic Foot Juggling. 


Most popular is flexibility, in which she will personally stretch you in a 1-2 hour session. She takes clients of ANY level, willing to work towards their goals. Want to touch your toes? You got it. Want that flat split? Let's Do it. 

Her students see real progress with the hands on "push" that she gives them, both figuratively and literally. She also teaches the mentality of stretching and dealing with pain, recognizing good pain vs bad pain, finding your limits and learning how to surpass them. 


Tana's primary degree is in Fashion Design from SAIC in Chicago. She takes custom orders for projects ranging from:

  • Athletic Wear

  • Circus Costumes

  • Cosplay

  • Alterations

  • Unique Projects

If you have a commission in mind, contact me for more details, and let's talk about your project!


Tana is the original creator and producer of the Acrobatica Infiniti Circus project. She ran special events, shows, conventions and tours for 6 years. She curated everything from cast, content, and costumes. Her skills in the backstage arena include:


  • Stage Management

  • Production Management

  • Costume Maintenance

  • Event Management

  • Operations Management

  • Strategic Operations and Growth

  • Funding

  • Company Management

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