Dance Trapeze - Showreel


Dance Trapeze

Selected clips of Tank's dance trapeze work over the last few years.

Fire Eating & Foot Juggling


Fire Eating, Foot Juggling, and Burlesque

A few short clips of old & new acts: among these are fire eating burlesque and military rocket foot juggling.

Sepiascape: At the End of the Day


Duo Dance Trapeze

Cabaret Performance, May 8/9 2009
featuring Sage Bachtler Cushman, and Tank

A duo dance trapeze act about the American dust bowl 1930's, depression era.

Fire Eating - "Sizzlicious"


Fire Eating

Tank performing her fire eating routine at Byron Bay Blues Festival, April 2010.

Dance Trapeze - "Dis Ease"


Dance Trapeze

A showreel of Tank's original "Dis Ease" act, created and performed in late 2009.