"Gracefully she swings as if suspended in the air by nothing but a breeze" - Sublime Boudoir

"Tank... Resplendent in colourful tattoos and bright red hair, uses her trapeze in a uniquely expressive way to create a suspended, slow-motion sensation with her swinging" -Herald Sun

"A mature and fluid aerial routine" -The Age

"...the guest performer from Chicago, the phenomenal acrobat Tank, was awe inspiring with her spectacular performance that left the audience admiring such agility, skill and entertainment. One of those times when you could go on watching forever, never tiring of such brilliance. On her trapeze, she performed the most amazing acts doing the splits, hanging upside down, twirling, all with a most delicate femininity, yet the strength of a genuine acrobat. Her finale was breathtaking, as she stripped down to tassels in her own unique salacious way, still on her trapeze. What brilliance!" -London Burlesque Map

TV Appearances

Australian Network - News Hour