Most Popular Acts

trapeze foot juggling duo trapeze

"Kaleidoscope" - Dance Trapeze

A contemporary dance trapeze piece that brings a bug-like creature to life in a twisting contorting world of aerial grace and unique skill. This is Tank's newest, and most popular work.

"Vaude-Villain" - Foot Juggling

Dressed as a 1920's girly ganster/moll, Tank foot juggles her props with style. Uses catchy modern electro-swing music, with a vintage and family-friendly flair. Debuted at the Nashville Fringe Festival 2012.

Duet Static Trapeze - with Sarah Blum. Tank and Sarah team up to create a stunning duet piece on the static trapeze. Modern style and mesmerizing imagery, these two accomplished solo artists are happy to present this new piece of work.

Trapeze/Aerial Acts

harley quinn trapeze tank tana karo hammock tank tana karo
"Harley Quinn"- The cult character - Harley Quinn, joker's lover, plays maniacally on a trapeze.
Can range from playful, to downright insane! Pick your poison...

Hammock/Sling act - "Locus Priory". A spinning sling act, sexy and ethereal. Can be tailored to any event: performed in circus wear, black lingerie, or fetish style straps and pasties.

“At Last” – A passionate and graceful 1920's spinning trapeze piece, set to the traditional love song “at last”. A classic act, stylish and elegant, complete with vintage costume and an (optional) burlesque element.
tank tana karo fifth element

tana karo tank

"Paradise Circus" - Tank's newest work on Dance Trapeze! Fluid and graceful, set to the Massive Attack tune Paradise Circus, this routine was debuted at the Tasmanian Circus Festival in February 2011. In this exhilarating and flowing routine Tank incorporates her newest tricks, including a dizzying foot spin finale! "Fifth Element" - Drawn straight from the cult movie, The Fifth Element, this is a piece that pays tribute to the character Leeloo Dallas: the supposedly perfect being, engineered to save the planet. She is an alien being who has been dropped into an unfamiliar world. Watch as she discovers her new surroundings, and comes to terms with her existence, building up to an explosive and high-energy finale, in which she embraces her true talents.

“In the Mood”

A high energy, boppin’ & swingin’ dance trapeze piece! Set to the fabulous classic, ‘In the Mood’, Tank twirls and contorts in the trapeze, dazzles the audience with fast dance moves, and swings around the room delightfully! A timeless favorite, sure to get the crowd tapping their feet!

tana karo tank

tana karo tank

Duet - "Feeling Good" - An aerial duet between Kelly Ann Doll and Tank. A woman in a loveless marraige daydreams to escape her monotony. In her dreams she is consumed by another woman's fancy, in a heat of passion and rage. But she is overtaken by her emotions and cannot escape the mental world she has created for herself, as she battles with her own fantasy. Kelly Ann Doll brings her world-class burlesque experience to the table, in a breath-taking and immersive duo trapeze performance.

“A Necessary End” – A contemporary dance trapeze piece, tranquil and stunning. VIDEO

“Sepiascape - Always”: Solo A high-energy trapeze piece set in 1930s dust-bowl depression-era.

“Sepiascape – At the end of the day”: Duet - Two women, separate in their struggles, dance on different trapezes. They meet, and link their dances together, completing a dazzling array of duo trapeze tricks on one spinning, swinging trapeze. VIDEO

“Dis Ease”

A contemporary dance trapeze piece that connects floor work with airborne tricks. Set to Aphex Twin's melodic and haunting "At the Heart of It All". On the spinning trapeze, a body is conflicted from within. She dances on the floor, pulled in separate directions. Infected with self-sabotage, and separating from reality. Winding up in the ropes of the trapeze, she wriggles her way to a conclusion. VIDEO


Juggling, Fire, and Burleque

tana karo tank

tana karo tank

tana karo tank

“Military Chic” - Foot Juggling

An American GI classic pin-up style babe, shows her “love” for the USA by dancing and playing with a missile left in her care. She juggles the missile with her feet, in a dazzling display of skill and entertainment. In the end, she bursts out of her cute demeanor with a saucy and wild and patriotic flourish, complete with impressive tricks.  (Optional burlesque element) VIDEO


A burlesque act that is sure to heat up the room! Tank performs a strip tease with a twist: fire! She lights her arms and fingers on fire, then her tongue and mouth, and finally, as she burns off all her clothes, lights her chest on fire. Sexy and outrageous! VIDEO

"Luci Sparkle" - roving character, trapeze, fire eating

Luci Sparkle is the boppin boogieing disco queen! She always aims to be the life of the party!

Acts available:

“Disco Inferno” - full Fire Eating act... Burn baby burn!!

"Sparkle's Trapeze" - comedy trapeze piece starring Luci at her fullest, most passionate, yet slightly-bumbling self.

tana karo tank tana karo tank  
“Little Suzie”
A sweet young girl and her teddy enter the stage, with a glowing fascination for everything around. She discovers a “TOY” box, which she proceeds to pick apart, as any child certainly would. What she discovers, however, that it is a box of Adult toys… what ever will she do once she loses her innocence?
**Warning: Act involves Adult themes, Fire eating, Body burning, and Teddy Bear-Punishing!
Foxy “Roxie” - roving character
Roxie was once an amazing circus star, but now, past her prime, she is a comically tired hag, trouncing around thinking she is still the boss. She remembers the glory days, and still believes that she is as beautiful as ever. But this silly clown will do anything for attention, as she keeps the crowds in stitches. Roxie can also fire eat, and roam as an exaggerated and personable clown character.